Speaking Positivity Over Our Children

Time moves so fast and waits for no one. Just yesterday my family celebrated my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday. Her 4th! But it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital (excuse the cliché, but it’s so true). As I sit back and reflect on my relationship with each one of my children and their individual personalities I can’t help but to smile.

They are smart, creative, and kind children. My son is a thoughtful and caring little boy. Although he would enjoy nothing more than to play video games uninterrupted all day, he still takes the time to help out with his younger sisters.  My daughters are honest and funny little girls. They argue with one another about everything on God’s green Earth, but their bond is undeniable. All three of my kids light up my life…

But how often do they hear these positive words coming from my mouth?

See, too often we as parents are consumed with our daily routines. We have to make sure we get from point A to point B on time…we have deadlines and due dates that cannot be missed. So it’s pretty easy to speed through the day without really talking to our children. And I don’t mean asking them questions about tasks that they were supposed to complete or chastising them for mistakes made or drilling out commands. I mean really communicating with our children by speaking positivity over them and then actively listening to what they have to say.

Every day is not going to be rainbows and sunshine. Trust me, I’ve had more than my fair share of tantrums and poor behavior. And there have been plenty of times when I had to take a step back and change my own approach to the way I was handling a particular situation. Because believe it or not, a lot of times children react to the parent’s negative attitude and  how we are poorly handling a conflict. Reflect Boo…reflect.

When you have three kids all under the age of 8 years old you become all too familiar with the not so sunny parenting days. But making the conscious effort to pour positivity into their little cups every morning could really brighten up their day.

A positive word right before school from a parent can be the difference between a mediocre day and a great day full of learning. Some positive words I speak over my own children in the morning before school:

    • I love you;

    • You will have a great day at school today;

    • I’m proud of you;

    • You will have a great listening day today (for the more hard-headed among us…lol); and

    • I can’t wait to see you when I get home tonight.

Give it a try and see how these daily positive words impact your child.


“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.”

~Peggy O’Mara


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