Protective Styles for Puffy Hair

One of the most important keys to long healthy hair is to preserve the oldest parts of your hair shaft. The end of your hair shaft (farthest from the root) is the oldest and most fragile, so it is very important to protect it as your hair continues to grow. As much as I love to wear my hair in a big Afro, I know that protective styles are my best chance at retaining length.

The following are some of my favorite protective styles for puffy hair:


The Puff

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Two Strand Twists

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Twisted Updos

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Protective Styles on a Blow-Out

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Click the link to view ItsReallyRelle’s Chunky Bun Tutorial:


In addition to protective styling, the following will also help prevent breakage and split ends:

  1. Use minimal heat (flat irons as well as blow dryers);
  2. Wear a satin scarf to bed at night to prevent contact with harsh pillowcase fabrics;
  3. Use a satin pillowcase if a satin scarf is not available or if you’re scarf tends to come off at night;
  4. Use only satin-lined accessories, such as beanies, scarves, and cowls during the colder seasons (which are all available at


Thank you for reading my series “The Maintenance and Care of Puffy Hair.” I really hope that the information in these posts will be helpful and answer some of your questions. Remember that there’s no magical potion or special hair cream/oil that will give you 6 inches of hair growth in 2 months.” The best way to retain healthy length is to develop a hair care routine that works for you and your hair.

What is your favorite protective style?

Which hair tools (combs, brushes, bobby pins, etc.) do you use to style your hair?

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