Pouring From an Empty Cup

There are times when I feel completely drained, like my battery is nearing empty. It could feel at times that my many responsibilities consume all of my wake hours and my To-Do list is never ending. Yet, I keep going.

I know I am not the only one with a mountain of obligations. Our stories may not be identical, but we are at times guilty of pouring from an empty cup. This is a very unhealthy way to go through life, because we need to recharge on a regular basis. We need to refill our cups so that we are not wearing ourselves out.

Self-care to me is any action, whether mental or physical, taken to improve your well-being and promote a stress-free way of living. It should not be thought of as selfish, does not have to be expensive (pedicures and massages are okay, but not really necessary), and looks different for everyone.

By this point, the concept of self-care is not new; it has been discussed at length for quite some time now. But, my question to you today is: when do you find time for yourself? What part of your day, how much of your 24 hours do you dedicate to taking care of yourself?

What are some things that you consider self-care?

This post was inspired by the poem “the unlearning” from Alexandra Elle’s book Neon Soul.

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  1. Jacquelyn Martin says:

    Self care to me is very important I take time for myself everyday. It could be anything from reading a book, going shopping, getting my nails done or just relaxing in my yard with a glass of wine. I use to feel guily when I took time for myself when my children were young especially when they would cry if I left the house or wouldn’t let them in the bathroom with me while I took a bubble bath.
    Now that they are all grown up with children of their own they know now how important it is to have some “Me Time” (that’s what I call it)🤗

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    1. I completely understand ☺️ “Me Time” is so important


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