RelleyBelly Handmade Knit and Crochet Accessories

Kinky curly hair is naturally dry, especially in the colder months of the year. Protective hair styles are a great way to combat hair breakage caused by weather exposure (see previous post “Protective Styles for Puffy Hair”). But, protective styling will not help with regards to the breakage caused by fabric friction.

Hair breakage caused by fabric friction takes place when your hair comes into contact with the rougher, thicker fabrics used during the Fall and Winter. Fibers like wool, cotton, and fleece (to name a few) used in hats, scarves, and sweaters will keep us warm, while also sucking the moisture out of our curls.

Satin-lined accessories are perfect for protecting your curls during the Fall and Winter months. RelleyBelly’s handmade knit and crochet accessories are perfect for providing that protection you require while also keeping you warm and cozy.

Beanies and Earwarmers:

Twisted Earwarmer, Basket Weave Earwarmer, and Open-ended Beanie
Basket Weave Beanie

1 By 1 Beanie
Other warm and cozy knit/crochet items include: fingerless gloves, cowls, hooded cowls, mug cozies, and triangle scarves.



Visit to place your order.

For custom scarf and cowl orders, please feel free to email me at for an invoice.

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