Mented Cosmetics Nude Lipgloss

I am a very busy mother of three, so my morning routine can get a little hectic. Trying to make sure that everyone arrives at school on time with everything they need takes priority. Makeup is the last thing on my mind.



But thankfully the women behind Mented Cosmetics (KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson) have solved this problem for me with their selection of nude lip glosses; it’s instant glam in a slender little bottle. This line of lipgloss was designed with women of color in mind. I was given the opportunity to try out four lipgloss shades and I am in love.¬†Everything from the packaging to the postcard made me feel like these products were made just for me.


Listen, I want you to try Mented Cosmetics. So use my link to get 15% off your first purchase! Check it out:


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