Meet Our February CurlFriend

1. What is your name and where are you from?

My Insta-Name is curlygallal, as everyone calls me Lal. But my real name is Leal Amy Chelsea Alexander. I am originally from Cardiff in Wales but live in Bath/Bristol UK.


2. How long have you been natural? Why did you decide to begin your natural hair journey? And did you Big Chip or Transition?

I’ve been natural since APRIL 2016. So approx 1 year 9 months. I began my natural hair journey because I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed to discover ‘myself’ and embracing my natural hair happened to be the first step in that journey. It has taught me so many things about myself and I wouldn’t go back to having straight hair. I had had straight hair ever since the age of 12 when I first had it relaxed, all of my friends were white and had straight hair. Plus, my family had Afros but never wore them in their natural curly state, so I didn’t have any role models to encourage me to embrace my own hair.


I transitioned. The main reason being that ditching the straighteners was scary enough, let alone losing my length, as it was all I had. I was striving for long curly hair, little did I know that health meant sacrificing length, but I chose the long game and it worked for me anyway.


3. Who is your hair crush/hair inspiration?

I have a number of hair crushes. I binge watch YouTube videos and follow so many curly queens on instagram. I’d say my top 3 would be: Style Feen, I love her attitude to not only her curls but life in general. She’s so upbeat and fascinating to watch. I love NiaTheLight, she has such an amazing personality on top of an amazing fro which really does brighten your day. I think she’s such an inspiration. My 3rd fav would be bwatuwant on instagram. She has hair similar to mine and was my first and always has been my hair goals!

4. What is your go-to hair style?

My go to hair style would be half hair down and half clipped back, perhaps with a full fringe or a beret. I love how easy but how elegant it looks. It’s looks great with anything and I always feel done up even though it took me 2 minutes.


5. What is the one product that you cannot live without? Why?

The one thing I couldn’t live without has to be my hair diffuser. I can’t do air drying. It’s a very basic cheap dryer but it does the job perfectly for me.


6. What advice would you give to a CurlFriend who has just begun her natural hair journey?

The 3 pieces of advice I would give a curly starting his or her transition would be, ditch the heat if you own straighteners; really this is the biggest hindrance of health and growth and you just can’t see progress when using such an intense heat on your hair. Second would be, deep condition once a week and stick to it. It makes the biggest difference to your hair journey and if you can add in a protein treatment once a month, that will rebuild any broken or damaged bonds in the hair and promote hair growth. Third would be, find out your porosity, this is the first step in working out what products will work for you and your hair. This was the key step for me in achieving my hair goals.


7. How can we connect with you?

Yes, on Facebook I’m Leal Amy Chelsea Alexander and in instagram I’m curlygallal.


I’m not working on an special projects, apart from expanding my social media family and hoping to start a YouTube channel once I’ve attained enough knowledge to inform others and help them where I maybe went wrong.

Thank You Leal!

If you have additional questions that you would like to ask our CurlFriend, please feel free to share in the comment section. Follow Leal on Instagram @curlygallal .

Expect to meet our next CurlFriend in March!

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