Meet Our November CurlFriend: Flawless Hairstyle

1. What is your name and where are you from?

Hi, my name is Cher and I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I’m originally from Suriname, that’s a country in South America.


2. How long have you been natural? Why did
you decide to begin your natural hair
journey? And did you Big Chop or Transition?

I’m natural since June 2012. I decided to begin my natural hair journey because I got tired of not knowing how to take care of my hair. I got tired of walking around with unhealthy hair and those straight ends, I got tired of not knowing what kind of products to use …. I literally got tired.
I did a combination of both transition and big chop. I transitioned for a few months, then I did a ‘Mini Chop’, because the hairdresser I went to at that time didn’t find it necessary to
cut all my hair off. I think I didn’t have to do the big chop because I transitioned. Let me tell you at the time I went to the hairdresser I was (mentally) ready and prepared to walk around with a bald head for a fresh start.

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3. Who is your hair crush/hair inspiration?

My hair crush is Naptural85 because I like her honesty and she stayed true to herself, even after all these years. I also like NappyFu TV, because she is fun to listen to, but she comes with facts when it comes to natural hair care and information.

4. What is your go-to hair style?

My go-to hairstyle is a simple flat twist hairstyle , sometimes I do cornrows, and if I’m in a rush I twist and curl it in.

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5. What is the one product that you cannot live without? Why?

Well, I don’t have a special product, I follow a method: the LCO method (it’s actually called the LOC method, but the LCO works best for my hair type). It’s a moisturizing method to keep our natural hair hydrated for a few days. The LOC method stands for Liquid (or Leave-In), Oil and Cream. Every time I style my hair
after washing it I follow this method and I remoisturize my hair three days later again with the same LCO method. I can’t live without these product combinations.


6. What advice would you give to a Curl friend who has just begun her natural hair journey?

I would give a Curl friend these keywords; Love, Acceptance, Patience and Time.
– –

Acceptance: Accept your hair type the way it grows naturally, because all hair types are beautiful, don’t let the media or society make you think otherwise.

Patience: Get to know your hair, find out what products/ methods works for you and be patient. There is nothing that can speed up your natural hair growth and if you’ve found something you might have to use it forever
because as soon as you stop using it your hair will break off (I’ve been there).

Time: Taking care of your natural hair, can be a time-consuming process, especially when you have a hair goal set for yourself. You have to be able to invest some time to achieve that hair goal. Take time to do your own research.

Love: If you love your hair the way it grows, you will be able to easily follow the three keywords mentioned above.
7. How can we connect with you?

I’m very active on Instagram and I’m working on my YouTube channel, you can find me as Flawlesshairstyle. I’m currently working on my blog/website. I hope it will be ready in the new year of 2019.

Thanks for sharing Cher!


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