Meet Our September FiberFriend

1. What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Nkese Lewis. I am originally from Washington state, but I now live in Florida. It’s funny because when I say I’m from Washington in the south people automatically assume I mean Washington, DC.


2. What is your craft? How long have you been crafting? And how did you learn?

Right now I just crochet. I am in the process of learning to knit and it is definitely a little trickier than I thought it would be, but I am determined to figure it out. I have been crocheting since 2011. It’s something I picked up after being on bed rest for a couple of weeks and I was tired of reading and watching TV. I learned by watching YouTube videos. I was horrible at first, which I know most people are, but my tension was ridiculously tight. I used to stick to the basics like hats, scarves and bags, but when I figured out I could make garments…(cue the chorus) I didn’t really want to make anything else.

3. What is your favorite project?
My favorite project. That’s kind of a hard one because I love a lot of projects I’ve done for different reasons. But I would probably have to say my coat of many colors. It’s a colorful granny square coat I set out to make for my 40th Birthday. I was in a really broken place around age 36, and it felt like I would never see my way out of the dark. It took me years to get to a place of complete joy and peace. It’s a feeling I wasn’t sure I would ever experience again. I had to get lost, so I could be found, spiritually speaking. The grey lines in my coat represents my years of unhappiness and uncertainty. The squares represents the four seasons of change I went through from ages 36 to 40. Fall, winter, spring, then summer. This coat is both a reminder of where I am and also where I don’t ever want to be again.

4. Who is your crafting inspiration?
My crafting inspiration is definitely my mom. My mom has always been super crafty and a maker of things. She used to tell me to never pay for anything I could make with a little time and effort. That has always stuck with me. What I loved the most when I was younger is, she made sure I had all the resources to be my most creative self.


5. What advice would you give a fellow woman of color who has just begun her crafting journey?
Be who you are. Don’t try and imitate other people. God created you to be you and no one knows how to do it better than you. Don’t be afraid to stand out, be different or be too much even. Let the light shine on your talents whatever they may be. Don’t be afraid to try all the things, but also pay attention to what you’re really good at. God gave each of us different talents and abilities and when you pay attention you will know exactly what they are. Find some fiber friends to love on and encourage. People you can push and who will push you to be your absolute best!! Lastly life is a journey so live your life and have fun!


6. How can we connect with you?
You can reach me on Instagram @cosmic_crochet_creations
I also have a hashtag #afteryarnglow the purpose of this hashtag is to show off how you feel when you’ve finished a project. Whether it’s something you’re wearing or just something you’ve created with your hands. You’re proud of it! And the #afteryarnglow hashtag highlights that. So at the end of each week I gather all the photos and put them in a sort of a slide show in my stories for people to see. Like I said it can be anything that was made with yarn. The craft type does not matter.


Thank you for sharing Nkese!