Meet Our April FiberFriend: SweetlyVersatile

1. What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Brittanya and I am from the Bronx, NY.



2. What is your craft? How long have you been crafting? And how did you learn?

My craft is crochet and knitting. I also make candles occasionally. I have been crafting for 10 years. I learned by reading books and watching videos.



3. What is your favorite project?

My favorite project is crocheting hats.


4. Who is your crafting inspiration?

I honestly don’t have one inspiration. My muses can come from anyone or anywhere.


5. What advice would you give a fellow woman of color who has just begun her crafting journey?

My advice to fellow women of color who are beginning their crafting journey is there is a place for you here too. You belong and fit in here just as much as anyone else and you are capable of creating great things.


6. How can we connect with you?

My social media platforms are IG: @sweetlyversatile, Twitter: @SweetVers2, Facebook: Sweetly Versatile,, websites: &



Thank you Brittanya!

One Comment Add yours

  1. candace says:

    Nice post and nice work… Keep it up


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