Trim Those Ends


I have been natural for about five years now and for a majority of that time I’ve trimmed my own hair. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and figured I had a good idea of how to do it myself. When I needed more than an inch trimmed (like an actual hair cut) my hubby, Rhys would do it for me. But, I’m going to be honest, every time Rhys cut my hair I was on his case making sure that he didn’t cut too much.

When I trimmed my own hair, or when I micro-managed my husband’s cutting, I was not completely cutting off all of the damaged hair. This allowed my split ends and single strand knots to start at the end of my hair shaft, then travel upward. I was hanging onto dead ends and causing more trouble for myself.

At the end of June (2018), I had my first professional hair appointment since 2012 with Abena Palmore of Embrace Natural Beauty in White Plains, New York. I was scheduled to have my hair flat ironed and of course trimmed. But when those scissors came out I was nervous…lol. I saw my flat ironed length and wanted to keep every inch…healthy or not.

I stuck to the plan though! We trimmed off about 3 to 4 inches of damaged hair and I am so pleased with the results. My hair looked shiny and healthy while flat ironed, and it greatly improved the quality of my Wash n Go.


Clean ends made my curls pop and made detangling a smooth/easy process. What once took hours is now accomplished within 30 minutes (with regards to the detangling process only…that Wash n Go still takes FOREVER).

Whenever I wore my hair in a wash n go in the past it would mat up and tangle by the second day. I blamed this problem on everything under the sun, except the true cause…my dead ends. If you are experiencing this same issue, there is a good chance that you are dealing with raggedy ends.

Click the link to watch my Wash n Go video:

I highly recommend having your hair trimmed by a professional hair stylist who specializes in natural hair.

Thanks again Abena!


Abena Palmore
Embrace Natural Beauty
445 Hamilton Ave, Suite #31
White Plains, NY
IG @embracenaturalbeauty


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