We Need to Check the Facts

What do you do when someone tells you, no?

Do you go with the flow, accepting their explanation of why you cannot have what you asked for? Do you walk away upset, but move on to the next bullet on your agenda? Or do you get your life in order and check the facts? Well, I’ll tell you what I have done in the past when told no: I have gathered up my life and checked all of the facts. I have stacked up my resources like I’m studying for an exam and I don’t back down until I’ve exhausted all possibilities.

See, a lot of times when someone in authority tells you no, they are relying on you to give up without a fight. If this authority figure says no forcefully and with enough conviction, their position alone would lead you to believe that he/she is speaking the absolute truth. End of story. I mean, why check for yourself? Mr/Mrs. So-in-So already told me how it’s supposed to be, right? Wrong! You cannot naively expect everyone you encounter to have your best interest in mind.

Now, I know that fighting for what is yours can be time consuming and frustrating. We all have lives and responsibilities that may limit our time to really take the kind of actions needed to resolve an important issue. But, don’t let this be the reason for inaction. These reasons are at times the main excuses that tempt people into giving up at “no” number one. Because, I mean seriously, going with the flow is a lot easier.

But more often than not, when you take the time to read the policies and procedures, or ask for a second opinion, or simply ask for an explanation of the original no, things begin to turn around in your favor. When you make your intentions to follow through with an inquiry very clear, you are then seen in a different light. Your concerns and requests are met with a bit more respect when you have facts and receipts to back up your claims.

We live in a time where information is literally at our fingertips. If you want it bad enough, whatever that “it” may be, fight for it by researching and coming to the table prepared. Don’t back down if you know you are right and remember that what you are fighting for matters as long as it matters to you.

So, in all aspects of your life, whether big or small, check the facts Hunny!

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